Soda Blasting Beats Dry Ice Blasting for Mould Removal

Over the years we have searched long and hard for a solution for mould removal from porous building materials such as concrete, timber frames and sub floors. In this article we will explore the options for mould removal from the following :

  • Flood Damaged Brick and Timber
  • Mould Affected sub floor
  • Timber Frame Mould Removal

Originally this work was extremely labor intensive and involved many hours of hand scrubbing and moisture added. Of Course the addition of moisture doesn’t help things.

Currently most professional operators would choose soda blasting as the best method for removing mould from flood damaged building marterials and home sub floors. Below we will compare the different options and see why soda blasting is the method of choicce

Mould Removal with Abrasive blasting

  • Grain Dust or Wall nut Shell Blasting – Excellent method which can work but leaves residue which needs to be cleaned after remediation.
  • Dry Ice Blasting – Fantastic method as the residue from blasting is disintegrated into the air
  • Soda Blasting – Another great option. It is a little bit dusty and hard to deal with but could be a suitable application.

Lets look into it a bit closer

Dry Ice Disadvantages

  • You have to be very good at estimating the amount of blast media used. After the job is complete you have to use the left over dry ice will only last so long.
  • An Oxygen monitor is needed as the operator can be poisoned by carbon dioxide
  • Tansport costs of dry Ice is higher and takes more care
  • OHS risk caused by the operator. Dry Ice can cause burning
  • Although there is no residue left by the dry ice blasting process, the mould still needs to go somewhere. Essentially there is still an element of capturing the dust and containing it.
  • It is more abrasive process then soda.

Soda Blasting Advantages

  • Smoother appearance on wood and timber frames
  • Soda has a natural deodorization quality
  • Soda also has antimicrobial qualities
  • 3 x faster than the speed of dry ice
  • Blast media is 1/3 the cost of dry ice
  • Soda has a 8.3 – 8.4 Ph meaning it is slighly alkaline which is useful for cleaning
  • Softer blast medium
  • Soda residue will stay in the subfloor after blasting and will disintegrate over time.

Soda Blasting Disadvantages

  • Soda is harder to contain. Very dusty
  • Soda is high in PH meaning it can kill surrounding grass and plants. Containment is needed.

So What is the better option?

I personally thing soda blasting is a far cheaper and better options.

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Dustless Blasting, Sand Blasting, What’s the Difference?

Sand Blasting is the traditional way to blast and clean surfaces. Basically the blast media is blasted on white compressed air.

Whats Dustless Blasting?

Dustless blasting is where the blast media is immersed in water and blasted out the nozzle with compressed air. There are other names for this type of blaster including:

  • Wet Blasting
  • Slurry Blasting
  • Vapour Blasting
  • Liquid Honing

Typical Abrasives Used

  • Glass Beads
  • Plastic
  • Garnet
  • Crushed Recycled Glass

Why Use Dustless Blasting over Sand Blasting

  • Essentially almost spark free. This is useful when you are blasting off flammable substances.
  • Less Dust! – The dust is encapsulated with water as it is blasted. Saves getting contaminates on the surrounding environment
  • Less Heat – It produces little heat so there is far less risk of warping sheet metal. Very useful for blasting cars
  • It is much faster – Think about wet sand and dry sand. Which one would be more effective at blasting?
  • Better for Health Reasons – Sand Blasting has been connected to many health issues. The blast media for dustless blasting is non-toxic
  • Abrasive Consumption is lower than stand blasting – Saves time and money

All of these advantages essentially make Dustless Blasting get the job done quicker and therefore cheaper.

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How To Remove & Strip Paint from Timber Home

There are many ways to strip a timber home including

  • Chemical Method
  • Scraping Method
  • Heat Gun Method
  • Sanding

Unfortunately many of these options consume a lot of time and it can be hard to find someone to do the work well at a good price.

MBS has experimented with our dustless blasting technology to strip this timber home in Brisbane Australia. In this example on the right we were able to use an cheap blast media (recycled glass) to remove the paint off the side of the home. One side of the home would consume approximately one bag of recycled glass.

What is Dustless Blasting Technology

Basically we are using compressed air, water and a blast media (typically glass beads) to strip paint off the surface.

How to Remove Paint the Easy Way

Dustless Blasting offers the following advantages

  • Cheap blast media
  • Fast
  • Very Little dust produced

Alternative Blasting Methods

It is possible to use soda blasting, however it is extremely dusty method. Much of the residue from the blasting process may end up on neighbors cars and buildings. Dustless blasting blasts on glass with water. Effectively the blast media and residue is encapsulated in water, making a far more cleaner process.

Where to find Dustless Blasting Operators

MBS only operates in Queensland Australia, if you would like a quote please contact us. If you are elsewhere, it would be advantages to check the dustless blasting website for operators in your area.

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We Stripped a Car FASTER & CHEAPER than Sandblasting or Sanding

I know many people may not consider soda blasting or sandblasting a car due to the cost. However, using the dustless blasting system may be an excellent option since it is faster than these traditional methods.

In case study below, we were asked by a panel shop in Brisbane to strip the following parts of the BMW:

  • Under the Bonnet
  • Guards
  • Radiator support panels
  • Inner Guards

This was a little fiddly but the job was done quick and it only cost the panel shop $330.00.

If you compare this to the amount of time it take to strip it off manually or use acid this could be a much more cost effective option. Also, we are using dustless blasting. This blast media sprays on wet meaning it does not cause heat unlike other methods such as sandblasting.

We also applied a “hold tight” which will prevent rust from occurring for up to 72 hours. This gives you extra time before having to apply the etch primer.

In conclusion, if you are trying to strip paint from a car, it is worth considering the new updated method called dustless blasting which is a faster, cheaper way to strip paint. It also reduces the risk warping the metal.

Check out the following video of a car we stripped in Brisbane.

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Why Sand Blasting is Dead!

Dustless blasting is the new way to strip pain to prepare the surface of your car. Why?

  • It is faster than soda blasting and sand blasting
  • Three is no heat, so there is no risk of warping the metal on your car.
  • The blast media is sprayed on wet so it is more effective.

We have found it to be much faster than sand blasting the car. We have found most cars are able to be fully blasted within 2 hours. Only 5 bags of recycled bottle glass is used!

More effective

Because dustless blasting us blasted on with water, it prevents heat. It also makes the blast media much more effective as it is heavier.

Image someone if someone picked up a handful of sand and threw it at you as hard as they could? Would it hurt?

Now, image if someone threw wet sand at you? Would it hurt more?

I am not that great at analogies but that is the best way for me to explain how dustless blasting is different to sand blasting.

Less Hazardous

We find since the blast media is encapsulated with water, there is less clean up and less hazardous to the operator.


The job is done much faster, thereby reducing total job cost.

The best way to see what I mean is to see it in action. Please watch the video below:

If you need a quote, make sure you contact Mobile Blasting Services or call 0401 850 865.

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