Dustless Blasting, Sand Blasting, What’s the Difference?

Sand Blasting is the traditional way to blast and clean surfaces. Basically the blast media is blasted on white compressed air.

Whats Dustless Blasting?

Dustless blasting is where the blast media is immersed in water and blasted out the nozzle with compressed air. There are other names for this type of blaster including:

  • Wet Blasting
  • Slurry Blasting
  • Vapour Blasting
  • Liquid Honing

Typical Abrasives Used

  • Glass Beads
  • Plastic
  • Garnet
  • Crushed Recycled Glass

Why Use Dustless Blasting over Sand Blasting

  • Essentially almost spark free. This is useful when you are blasting off flammable substances.
  • Less Dust! – The dust is encapsulated with water as it is blasted. Saves getting contaminates on the surrounding environment
  • Less Heat – It produces little heat so there is far less risk of warping sheet metal. Very useful for blasting cars
  • It is much faster – Think about wet sand and dry sand. Which one would be more effective at blasting?
  • Better for Health Reasons – Sand Blasting has been connected to many health issues. The blast media for dustless blasting is non-toxic
  • Abrasive Consumption is lower than stand blasting – Saves time and money

All of these advantages essentially make Dustless Blasting get the job done quicker and therefore cheaper.

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