How To Remove & Strip Paint from Timber Home

There are many ways to strip a timber home including

  • Chemical Method
  • Scraping Method
  • Heat Gun Method
  • Sanding

Unfortunately many of these options consume a lot of time and it can be hard to find someone to do the work well at a good price.

MBS has experimented with our dustless blasting technology to strip this timber home in Brisbane Australia. In this example on the right we were able to use an cheap blast media (recycled glass) to remove the paint off the side of the home. One side of the home would consume approximately one bag of recycled glass.

What is Dustless Blasting Technology

Basically we are using compressed air, water and a blast media (typically glass beads) to strip paint off the surface.

How to Remove Paint the Easy Way

Dustless Blasting offers the following advantages

  • Cheap blast media
  • Fast
  • Very Little dust produced

Alternative Blasting Methods

It is possible to use soda blasting, however it is extremely dusty method. Much of the residue from the blasting process may end up on neighbors cars and buildings. Dustless blasting blasts on glass with water. Effectively the blast media and residue is encapsulated in water, making a far more cleaner process.

Where to find Dustless Blasting Operators

MBS only operates in Queensland Australia, if you would like a quote please contact us. If you are elsewhere, it would be advantages to check the dustless blasting website for operators in your area.

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