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Dustless Blasting, Sand Blasting, What’s the Difference?

Sand Blasting is the traditional way to blast and clean surfaces. Basically the blast media is blasted on white compressed air. Whats Dustless Blasting? Dustless blasting is where the blast media is immersed in water and blasted out the nozzle

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How To Remove & Strip Paint from Timber Home

There are many ways to strip a timber home including Chemical Method Scraping Method Heat Gun Method Sanding Unfortunately many of these options consume a lot of time and it can be hard to find someone to do the work

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We Stripped a Car FASTER & CHEAPER than Sandblasting or Sanding

I know many people may not consider soda blasting or sandblasting a car due to the cost. However, using the dustless blasting system may be an excellent option since it is faster than these traditional methods. In case study below,

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Why Sand Blasting is Dead!

Dustless blasting is the new way to strip pain to prepare the surface of your car. Why? It is faster than soda blasting and sand blasting Three is no heat, so there is no risk of warping the metal on

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