Who We Are

With extensive knowledge and experience in the building restoration and automotive industries, Corey Pollack created Mobile Blasting Services. 


What is Dustless Blasting

  • Dustless blasting uses recycled bottle glass and water to clean, restore, or strip surfaces
  • It is trailer mounted and completely mobile (see Picture)

Dustless Blasting

Why Use Dustless Blasting

  • It is Cheaper, faster and produces little heat compared to sandblasting. This means you highly reduce the risk of warping metal in the blasting process
  • Eliminates dust Plume therefore decreasing cleanup costs
  • Environmentally friendly (we used recycled bottled glass for our blast media)
  • Does not leave alkaline residue on surface after paint stripping unlike soda blasting
  • Faster & more effective than Soda blasting

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