Different Types of Blast Media

Mobile Blasting Services Use a variety of different Blast Media for the vast applications of our abrasive blasting services. Most of the blast media below will be wet blasted. This means we will blast it on with water.  The different blast media and its uses are listed below:

Crushed Glass

This is the main blast media we use. It is cheap, highly accessible and does the job. Sometimes it is highly abrasive for some surfaces such as floor tiles. In this case, we would resort to using other blast media such as soda or glass beads. Uses for crush glasses are

Crushed Limestone


  • Blasting & cleaning white steel
  • Blasting at sights where & Environment dust is an issue

Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Blasting)

This is also a blast media we used very often. It is a popular option for mould removal in sub floor because it is blasted on dry, it has some antimicrobial and deodorisation properties. It is also useful as it the blast media can be hosed off with water at the completion of the job. It can also be used for

  • Car Paint Stripping
  • Cleaning of equipment in Food Industry
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Brickwork Cleaning

Glass Beads

This is a common blast media which we use. In many cases crushed glass can be too abrasive. In this case we use glass beads. There are various grades which we can use. The MBS technician will do a test of the various grades to confirm the best type to use on your surface without damaging it. Uses include:

Plastic Blast Media

The advantage of this media is that it can be used to strip off 1 layer of coating at a time. This has been used as a much faster process to stripping than traditional chemical treatments and paint stripping.

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