Why Sand Blasting is Dead!

Dustless blasting is the new way to strip pain to prepare the surface of your car. Why?

  • It is faster than soda blasting and sand blasting
  • Three is no heat, so there is no risk of warping the metal on your car.
  • The blast media is sprayed on wet so it is more effective.

We have found it to be much faster than sand blasting the car. We have found most cars are able to be fully blasted within 2 hours. Only 5 bags of recycled bottle glass is used!

More effective

Because dustless blasting us blasted on with water, it prevents heat. It also makes the blast media much more effective as it is heavier.

Image someone if someone picked up a handful of sand and threw it at you as hard as they could? Would it hurt?

Now, image if someone threw wet sand at you? Would it hurt more?

I am not that great at analogies but that is the best way for me to explain how dustless blasting is different to sand blasting.

Less Hazardous

We find since the blast media is encapsulated with water, there is less clean up and less hazardous to the operator.


The job is done much faster, thereby reducing total job cost.

The best way to see what I mean is to see it in action. Please watch the video below:

If you need a quote, make sure you contact Mobile Blasting Services or call 0401 850 865.

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